Black Bear Diner, Torrance CA

Excellent coffee, quick seating, and smiles all around on our first trip to the Black Bear Diner in Torrance.
My mouths been watering since I opened the menu.
Ordered NY steak and eggs, corned beef hash (which the menu claims “is not from a can”…. Which wasn’t necessarily something id thought about, but I’m glad to know about nonetheless) and
Biscuit and gravy.
Jai ordered the fried chicken wrap, which sounds amazing…as anything with the words “fried chicken” tends to.

Just as we suspected, the good was excellent.  Full of flavor and portions large enough to feed a small family of bears.

Service was good.  A wee bit slow for the light crowd they had, but friendly.


image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5Black Bear Diner image_1

Author: Steven

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